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Triple Whip

Snake Creeps Down Apr 2006

Describing themselves as Cinema Art Rock, Triple Whip present a Kung Fu concept EP. But really you don''t have to read the "screenplay" and all that - very arty and fun but beside the point to someone like me - just listen to it.

I can hear echoes of early Pale Saints in some of the singing on the opening track but in truth this is a much heavier affair - more from the school of Sonic Youth or Shellac. It's on the second track Point that Triple Whip take hold of me and give me a good kicking. There is a guitar sound (like feedback in a soup tureen) that grabs me and the construction of the song is just perfect. They lose me a bit on the next two tracks but by the final song 7Heroes they return with a great middle section involving shouting and a bit of distortion.

Triple Whip are a band who come from an American alternative music tradition that show off their musicianship and use the more exotic chords - Often I find this approach means the song gets lost, but Triple Whip seem to keep a tight grip on both.


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