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The Tuesday Suits

Your Silver Lining Feb 2005

After the wonderment of their first 4 track EP, this album seemed a curiously lifeless affair. The EP was beautifully rough in it's recording quality and it suited the energy and freshness of the music. The CD I have is particularly quiet and a bit indistinct I think that has affected my listening. I was really disappointed to begin with. Listening to it for the last few nights is actually changing my view quite radically. It's a good job I don't just write a review on two or three listens. The same elements that made me like the earlier EP are still there. The songs, the melodies, the guitar work are all excellent. Ryan Gannon's voice is just so expressive - full of yelps and sandpaper raspiness. Having the perfect overdriven guitar sound and someone who knows exactly how to use it of course helps a bit. The songs mainly deal with Ryan talking to somebody - personal, melancholy, and emotionally articulate (easier to say things in songs rather than real life, isn't it Ryan). So apart from a question about the overall mix I have come to really like this record.

Perhaps there's a hint of too many tracks that are a bit similar - the musical pace and the instrumental mix remains pretty constant. Never did The Stokes any harm did it? And that brings up another issue - how do The Tuesday Suits compare to that other New York Band? Well, I get a much more intimate and personal feel from the Suits - stick me in a small, dark club and this is the band I would rather see.

Fork Studio EP April 2004

The Tuesday Suits play music that recalls the great days of Indie. It sounds very British like early Orange Juice when they were at the height of their powers in terms of energy and originality. You may even spot similar rhythmic patterns and guitar to The Smiths and even The Vapours (Turning Japanese). It's a hugely enjoyable EP bursting with energy and enthusiasm. The songs deal with the confusions of love and relationships (like so many great songs do) and are played with vigour and an inspiring vocal performance full of character. All of the songs are available in MP3 format on their website so get on over and download them!.

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