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Wait And See Mar 2006

This is a compilation CD of unsigned bands from the North of England. It includes Sunday 68 that I reviewed earlier from some demo MP3, so that's ok with me. The CD is the first release from Calcaza Records based in South Shields - a one man operation and labour of love. There's a lot of raw edges and a lot of punk energy up in the North East (most of the bands are from there) and this record bottles it up for you

Sunday 68 contribute three tracks. Their Moving On is very good, developing on their early promise and showing they can make some tight, dynamic noise. Also included is Sixteen Forever which I kind of preferred on the rawer demo version but this is your chance to hear it so I can't complain.

AudioEskimo sound almost old-fashioned in comparison to the other bands. They play two tracks in a sort of medium pace rock style with harmonies. So, not designed to appeal to my ears and yet they are two of the memorable moments on the album and I'm rather impressed. Every time their tracks start, it feels good and familiar.

My Waiting Gold sound like they could have come from Manchester and add a very nice tube distortion sound from the guitar. On the track Dancer, Northern Overload sound like they have a punk Bryan Ferry singing (delicious vibrato) but they later play an acoustic song and it works as well. And if I add in mention of the heavy thrash of The Nihilists with Who The F**k and you can see this a varied collection for people not stuck in one musical alley.

Like most compilations there a a few tracks I don't rate (anything that sounds like The Clash). But there are plenty of nuggets of gold here. Look, it will only cost you a Fiver and you will get to hear some really good music so get on the website below and give it a go.

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