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Wintersleep April 2004

My favourite band for the past three or four years has been a band called Drunk. Even though they stopped recording years ago (and became Spokane) - these are the albums I listen to soothe my soul. I have never met anyone who feels the way I do and the only person I know who is aware of Drunk as a band is my cousin. Imagine my surprise when I received a CD from Nova Scotia that could equal Drunk in the evocation of open space and emotional dislocation. This album is just so personally affecting to me that I can't give you any objective critical appreciation. Fronted by a voice with the best vibrato I've heard for years, this uses the simple but luxurious texture of mainly acoustic guitar over drums and bass to create explorations of disappointment and pain.

It's not depressing because the control of dynamics just makes the blood surge around your veins. The perfect example is the heart-pumping Caliber (comes with a video on the CD as well as the sound track). If you regard 'Unplugged' as Nirvana's best album then get to listen to this (try Cool Noise radio or the Wintersleep website for MP3s).

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