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Super Sevens Aug 2005

Took me a little time to actually review this submission. It's the first two issues of the Wrath Records Super Sevens Singles Club. My problem is that I just got into listening to the CD I was sent. It's so full of energy that I didn't want to take a critical stance but just enjoy it. If you've read my reviews of current Leed's music then I'm sure you'll know that something special is going on over there. Musically it seems to come from the post-punk Indie revolution started through Rough Trade and others. I never imagined that those days could be equalled but this is coming close.

Being 747 start of with a raw and immediate punky DIY Prescriptions. The Lodger develop their Cure/Television Personalities introverted pop to new heights with Getting Special and finally win me over. Sadly, I didn't review their last single but I'm not averse to a very late review so I'll search it out again. London's Stiffy/The Fuses add a little ditty called If Sir Wants Sex that is okay for me but not outstanding. Lastly we get The Secret Hairdresser from Bury St. Edmunds that is a combination of punk and Johnny Dowd. A slice of perfection that takes interplayed vocals into the area of the sublime. You see, it's not just Leed's bands - others are making great music as well, even of it's a small Leeds labels picking up on it.

Each release will include at least two bands contributions with some including four tracks. How they can offer these six single releases (six 7-inch vinyl pieces) at 18 is beyond me. In fact I think it's beyond Wrath Records' understanding as well judging by the press release. Take advantage of them and subscribe.

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